March 25, 2023

School Standards



Welcome to the Western Washington Bahá’í Summer School and the opportunity to experience Bahá’í community life. To preserve and enhance group unity and respect the standards of our Faith, the Bahá’í School Committee has adopted standards for all of us while at school. Each of these standards is designed to protect the Faith, the school, and the participants. They are fully obligatory for all attendees. Parents/Sponsors should make sure that children and youth understand the standards. 

  • At all times, strive to show love, respect, and kindness to one another. 
  • Class attendance is required for all ages. 
  • Please silence your phones during classes and programs. Children/JY are asked to leave phones in cabins during classes.  
  • No Food In Rooms – Please keep all food in your car or in the central kitchen in Pines. Please label and store your food in a tightly closed container.  
  • Please do not bring pets, tape players, i-Pods, radios, TVs, computer games to Bahá’í School. Cell phones should be off and put away during class times. Children/JY/Youth are asked to keep phones in their cabins during class time.  
  • We will adhere strictly to the code of conduct and dress as prescribed by Shoghi Effendi. High standards of morality, courtesy, cleanliness and modesty of dress will be upheld. 
  • For your safety, we require that shoes are wore at all times on the campus. 
  • Please pick up after yourselves and each other. 
  • Parents and sponsors of all children as well as youth are completely responsible for their charges at all times when students are not in class. This includes meal times, free times, and evenings. 
  • Accidents or illness should be reported to the First Aid Staff or School Director. Medical releases for minors (18 and under) are necessary, even if parents are on campus. 
  • Because we are a closed campus, we cannot allow visitors and day students. 
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated area. 
  • Please respect the bedtimes, quiet times and lights out times noted in the schedule. 
  • Hotel/campus facilities should be kept clean and in good order. 
  • No drugs, alcohol, firearms, or martial arts items are permitted. 
  • Each child/youth under age 18 who attends the school without a parent must be accompanied by a sponsor who will be responsible for the child’s welfare and conduct. Sponsors should be 21 or older, and be of the same sex as those sponsored.  The parents or legal guardian of the child must provide a signed form that confirms their permission for the child to attend Summer School under the sponsor’s responsibility. The only exception is that a Grandparent, aunt or uncle may sponsor a related child of either sex. Sponsor and child must be housed together during the school. 
  • Please turn in all lost and found items to the Main Office. Items will be kept for aprox. 30 days. 
  • Questions on school standards may be referred to the National School Committee. 
  • Please do not bring bikes, scooters, skateboards, or electronic toys. 
  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols TBD – We will be following our local and state recommendations.
  • Disobedience of these rules may result in dismissal from the school.