May 19, 2024


Join us at Western Washington Bahá’í Summer School, where we immerse ourselves for a few days in a spiritual culture, engage in social discourse, uplifting conversation, music, arts, fun, and fellowship; and learn to transform ourselves and our communities

Some activities you can look forward to include inspiring and engaging classes and workshops for all ages, arts, conversation on social issues, upbeat and uplifting sing-alongs, sports and games, beachfront access, swimming, boating, hiking, delicious food, time for prayer and meditation, and wonderful fellowship

Important Registration Update – PARTICIPANTS CANNOT ENTER THE SEABECK PROPERTY BEFORE OUR SET REGISTRATION TIME. If you arrive before early, we suggest that you visit the general store, pizzeria, and/or coffee shop right across the street from Seabeck. They appreciate our business and they love welcoming the guests of Seabeck to their little town. Additionally, Scenic Beach State Park is about 5 minutes away. It’s an absolutely beautiful place to visit. There is a fun playground and beach access.   Scenic Beach State Park Address9565 Scenic Beach Rd NW, Seabeck, WA 98380.  Please remember: Seabeck has been very clear that we may not enter campus early. Thank you for understanding