May 31, 2023

Dear Friends, 

The Western WA Baha’i Summer School has reached full capacity.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please use the registration link below. It will direct you to our waiting list.  Thank you so much for your interest. We hope to see you next year, if not this year! 

With Love, 

The Western WA Baha’i Schools Committee

Cost is based on the lodge selected and the age of the registrant (See Below). Details of the lodges are available during registration, or you may visit the Seabeck site for additional information. For those wishing to commute, commuter rate includes meals, facility fee and overhead, with no lodging.

Financial Assistance

The School has several options to enable all to attend regardless of financial situation. First, there are a limited number of Special Reduced rate lodgings available (see Special reduced rate option below). This option is open to all who need financial assistance to attend, and there is no additional paperwork or application required. Rooms will be randomly assigned in Cedars, Firs, Hemlock, Madrona, Maples or Tamarack, depending on availability. Secondly, we encourage you to contact your Local Spiritual Assembly which may have scholarship funds dedicated to sponsoring members to attend Bahá’í summer schools and conferences. Lastly, if neither of the above options work for you, please inquire about a scholarship from the Schools fund at

Payment Policy:

Payment in full is required to confirm your registration.

Guests are strongly encouraged to register online with a credit card. If you wish to pay by check, please make payable to WW Bahai School Committee, P.O. Box 128, Kirkland, WA 98083. Please note that checks must be received within 10 days of registration, or the registration may be subject to cancellation.

Please contact if you have questions or issues.

Refund Policy:

100% refund up to May 1st

50% refund up to June 1st

No refund after June 1st

Registration Costs 



Pines Rates:

Pines-Adult - $450.00

Pines-Child - $225.00

Pines-Infant - Complimentary

Pines-Youth - $340.00


Huckleberry Rates:

Huckleberry-Adult - $420.00

Huckleberry-Child - $210.00

Huckleberry-Infant - Complimentary

Huckleberry-Youth - $315.00


Salal Rates:

Salal-Adult - $420.00

Salal-Child - $210.00

Salal-Infant - Complimentary

Salal-Youth - $315.00


Spruce Rates

Spruce Adult - $360.00

Spruce-Child - $180.00

Spruce-Infant -Complimentary

Spruce-Youth - $270.00


Inn Rates:

Inn-Adult - $320.00

Inn-Child - $160.00

Inn-Infant - Complimentary

Inn-Youth - $240.00


Annex Rates:

Annex-Adult - $320.00

Annex-Child - $160.00

Annex-Infant - Complimentary

Annex-Youth - $240.00


Reeser Rates

Reeser-Adult - $320.00

Reeser-Child - $160.00

Reeser-Infant – Complimentary

Reeser-Youth - $240.00



Maples Rates:

Maples-Adult - $280.00

Maples-Child - $140.00

Maples-Infant - Complimentary

Maples-Youth - $210.00


Madrona Rates:

Madrona-Adult - $280.00

Madrona-Child - $140.00

Madrona-Infant - Complimentary

Madrona-Youth - $210.00



Hemlock Rates:  

Hemlock Adult $280.00

Hemlock-Child - $140.00

Hemlock-Infant - Complimentary

Hemlock-Youth - $210.00


Firs Rates:

Firs-Adult - $280.00

Firs-Child - $140.00

Firs-Infant - Complimentary

Firs-Youth - $210.00


Tamarack Rates

Tamarack-Adult - $280.00

Tamarack-Child - $140.00

Tamarack-infant - Complimentary

Tamarack-Youth - $210.00


Cedars Rates

Cedars-Adult  - $280.00

Cedars-Child - $140.00

Cedars-Infant - Complimentary

Cedars-Youth - $210.00


Special Reduced Rates:

Special-Adult - $180.00

Special-Child - $90.00

Special-Infant - Complimentary

Special-Youth - $135.00


Commuter Rates

Commuter-Adult - $180.00

Commuter-Child - $135.00

Commuter-Infant - Complimentary

Commuter-Youth -$135.00


Can I arrive early for Summer School? 

Unfortunately, no. Participants are not allowed to arrive at camp early.  Participants are allowed on campus at 4pm. There is a coffee shop, pizzeria, and general store across the street from camp. There is also a wonderful state park nearby. Scenic Beach State Park has beach access, a playground, and hiking options.