Daily Schedule Coming Soon!Join us at Western Washington Bahá’í Summer School, where we immerse ourselves for a few days in a spiritual culture, engage in social discourse, uplifting conversation, music, arts, fun, and fellowship; and learn to transform ourselves and our communities

Some activities you can look forward to include inspiring and engaging classes and workshops for all ages, arts, conversation on social issues, upbeat and uplifting sing-alongs, sports and games, beachfront access, swimming, boating, hiking, delicious food, time for prayer and meditation, and wonderful fellowship!

Children / Youth Classes


Classes for youth, children and junior youth are broken up by grade level groups. Teachers may use a variety of materials including the Teachers’ Toolbox: Lessons for National Bahá’í Schools (developed by the National Office of Education and Schools at the U.S. Bahá’í National Center) and the Brilliant Star.

Adult Classes

Taking inspiration from the highly successful youth conferences held around the globe, this year’s school will be very hands-on and participatory in nature. While we will have great introductory talks by some excellent speakers, the focus will be more on actively developing our own capacities for service to our communities and others. What better way to do that than in workshop type collaborative learning environments that provide opportunities to interact with groups of varying sizes and characters? With the support and accompaniment provided, you will be amazed at what we all have to learn from one another!

Artistic Workshops

Using the arts to further explore the spiritual concepts in the program. Think not of music, dance, drama, the visual arts, etc., as optional activities. Regardless of one’s ability level, the arts can facilitate deeper understanding and make learning both more fun and more effective. Workshops this year will  include arts in devotional programs.

Daily Schedule

Schedule coming soon.