2019 Western Washington Baha’i Summer School


Your 2019 Western WA Baha’i Summer School

Race Unity: The Most Vital and Challenging Issue

With Facilitators Oliver Thomas, Shawn Javid & Erica Toussaint-Brock

And Guest Musicians Shidan and Shadi Toloui-Wallace

and Andrei Eugenio and Logan McCain

 August 14-18, 2019

Camp Burton on Vashon Island

Currently, we have room for commuters only.  Our onsite lodging is now full.  

Please see the Registration tab for more information. 

Vision Statement

Western Washington Baha’i Summer School is a space where diverse friends, families, and neighbors of all backgrounds come together to immerse ourselves for a few days in a spiritually nurturing culture. Together, in this uplifting and transformative environment, we learn to increase our capacity, build community, engage in social discourse, and elevate mankind through study of Sacred Writings, conversation, music, arts, fun, and fellowship.

Music “Unite the Hearts – Badasht” by Devon Gundry